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About Us

The Art Design Factory was founded in 2000 with the idea of merging together expertise from diffe- rent sectors: mechanical, managerial, information technology, architectural, artistic, and industrial design. It is a know-how combination that has created a unique and distinctive design, characterized by a meticulous attention to detail, contrast of forms, intertwining lines, light-dark color contrasts, combinations of smooth, rough, shiny and opaque surfaces, but above all, by all the emotions that objects evoke: illusion and reality, sensuality and romance. The contrast between materials distinguishes objects: the strength, thickness and extraordinary elegance of steel are combined with the transparency and flexibility of Plexiglas, as if to reveal the secrets that the other tries to conceal. Olive wood, stone and granite add warmth and uniqueness with their veining and color effects.

Giuseppe Colucci works in Rivoli (To) at his studio / art and design gallery, Art Design Factory after a full immersion journey, which lasted twenty years and has included experiences ranging from graphics, photography, video, design, and architecture to precision mechanics. This has enabled him to give life to creations that include industrial recycled materials and equipment from building sites combined with images, colors and lights.

Always attentive to the issue of reusing, he often uses materials that are derived from trimmings of construction sites, such as parquet boards, pieces of flawed mechanical products or scraps of unused materials. All items, ranging from furniture to fashion accessories, are born from an ability to grasp everyday gestures, which normally escape our attention: they are crystallized and given form and substance.